The French team did not make a mistake when they used the power of the 6 lungs again, as they beat the player twice

Golo Kante beat the player twice in Euro 2024 In memory of the French national team. One N’Golo Kante confirmed that this was not a mistake. N’Golo Kante made two appearances for France at Euro 2024 despite his extended absence from Les Bleus.

The French team did not make a mistake when they used the power of the 6 lungs again, as they beat the player twice

He last wore a French shirt two years ago or in June 2022.

However, this does not indicate a decrease in Kante’s performance. , Kante was selected as the best player in the game, that is the man of the match, in Group D of the European Championship 2024 in two games in a row. back.

The midfielder called “The Man with 6 Lungs” is the main player in the draw against the Netherlands at the Leipzig Arena on Friday (21.06.2024) or Saturday morning at WIB.  In this game, Kante played 90 minutes and recorded an incredible number. gave up 3 chances, 1 golden chance, plus 2 clear tackles and won 4 out of 5 aerial duels.

During the 90 minutes he was on the pitch, Kante explored almost every line.

Even the presence of Kante made it difficult for the Dutch players to create an attack in the middle of Les Bleus.

The midfielder, known for his smile, has already received the best player award in the first match of Group D in Austria.

The best thing he did that time was to clear the ball from the attack of the Austrian player who had a chance to equalize.

This is a good side for the French national team after Kylian Mbappé suffered a broken nose.

Kanté was given the highest rating by the coach of the French national team, Didier Deschamps.

Playing, Deschamps said that Kante can run even when the game ends.

“I think N’Golo is still going,” Deschamps joked, as quoted by from the BBC.

“But not only that, he could also lead us on the pitch.”

He emphasized the importance of protecting our trade secrets and making it difficult for our competitors to tell.”

Kante himself is happy to wear Les Bleus again.

Kante emphasized the significance of returning to play for your team, particularly in a prestigious tournament such as the Euros.

“I want to give my all for French football,” he said.

With consistent performance, Kante will continue to be a starter in France.  France are now focused on their final Group D match against Poland, who are at Euro 2024.

EURO 2024 – Xavi Simons’ goal was disallowed by VAR, Koeman: Do we really need to check five minutes?

The coach of the Dutch national team, Ronald Koeman, also reacted to the 0-0 in France, especially the goal that Xavi Simons rejected. , The Dutch national team did not get enough points when they met Timans France in the second match of Group D 2024.

They did not repeat their defeat against Poland in the first game.

WIB drew 0-0 with the Dutch national team France in the match that took place at the Leipzig Arena on Friday (21.06.2024) or Saturday morning.

Even though De Oranje only had a 37 percent shooting percentage, it played well.

In the 90 minutes of the game, the Netherlands managed to shoot 8 shots and 4 on goal. In contrast, France fired 15 shots and only 3 of them were on target.

In fact, the Netherlands could have led 1-0 in the first half if the referee had disallowed Xavi Simons’ goal.

In the 18th minute of the game, Xavi Simons scored and the ball was returned by Memphis Depay.

Early on, Memphis Depay’s effort in the penalty area was blocked by Mike Maignan, but the wild ball fell straight to Simons.

The PSG striker beat Les Blues comfortably and immediately celebrated with his team.

There was only joy, because the English referee, Anthony Taylor, decided not to allow Simons’ goal. , After a lengthy VAR review, Simons’ goal was disallowed.

The cancellation was due to Denzel Dumfries offside and the defender confirmed that he prevented Maignan from getting to the ball.

Simons was denied a goal, and the Dutch-French match ended goalless.

Denial of Simons’ goal received a strong response from Dutch coach Ronald Koeman.

Ronald Koeman highlighted the situation on the field.

According to him, the position of Dumfries is seen as a hider, but he has no intention of offending Maign.

Koeman was most upset by the VAR review, which took a long time, up to five minutes.

“I think Dumfries’ situation is outside but it doesn’t bother the keeper,” Koeman said,

“If that happens, it will be a real target against us.”

“It takes five minutes to check? I don’t understand that,” added the former coach of Barcelona.

Koeman also considered that a goal in France would suit both teams.

“If you think about the game in general, there are times when we don’t do well,” Koeman continued.

We lost the ball when we needed to lose it and we didn’t do it well.
“There’s too much space between the lines.”

“France gave us a good chance, not many but personally I think the goal stood.”

“So I think it’s a good result,” he added.