Indonesia U-20 vs South Korea 2024 Toulon Cup Schedule

Previously, the Indonesian U-20 national team played four matches at the league level. Indonesia U20 national team , won 0-3 against Ukraine in the first match on June 4, 2024. In the third match, the Indonesian U20 national team won 1-4 against Japan on June 8, 2024. In the last match of Group B, the Indonesian U20 national team won 0-1 against Italy on June 12 ,2024. Minutes 38 The Indonesian U-20 national team finished fifth in Group B without a point.

“Indonesia U-20 vs South Korea 2024 Toulon Cup Schedule, Rating 9, Indonesia U-20 is set to play against South Korea in the 2024 Toulon Cup match at Stade Rene Gimet on Friday (14/6/2024).”

They will meet South Korea, bottom of group A. On the other hand, after the meeting in Italy, coach Indra Sjafri believes that the quality of the players should be improved in the next competition. “It was a good game, we played as we should, everyone who played today is a player preparing for the next tournament,” said Indra Sjafri of “To win a game like this , ah. “He stated, “We must do everything possible to improve the quality of the players.

” Indonesia U-20’s ninth national team schedule is as follows: June 14, 2024 Indonesia U-20 vs South Korea, at time 19.00 WIB and Maurice Revello Tournament Prediction: South Korea vs. Indonesia U-20: The Indonesia U-20 team finished in ninth place in the Maurice Revello Tournament or Toulon Cup 2024.” The team called Garuda Nusantara will run again.

The Indonesian U-20 national team has not been eliminated after winning Group B of the Toulon Cup. Garuda Nusantara will continue to meet the South Korean U-23 national team. Indonesia U-20s face South Korea U-23s in Toulon Cup ninth place at Stade Rene Gimet, Saint-Chamas, France, Friday (14/06/2024) WIB. “Both teams currently hold equal positions in Toulon 2024.” If the Indonesian U-20 team is in Group B, South Korea’s U-23 is stuck at the bottom of Group A.

4 wins

“Indonesia’s U-20s have made a solid start to their Toulon 2024 campaign.” Garuda Nusantara won 3-0 against Ukraine U-23 on June 4, 2024. It was a good game, we played the team we deserved,” said Indra Sjafri, the coach of the team Indonesian U20 national team. Test 4 Players from “Everyone who plays in this game is preparing for the next tournament,” said Indra Sjafri. The results in Toulon 2024 provide valuable lessons for the Indonesian U-20 national team before they participate in the 2025 U-20 Asia Qualifiers for the final ticket to the 2025 U-20 World Cup.

Indra Sjafri also tested four Dutch players in the Indonesian U-20 national team for the 2024 Toulon Cup.

Mauresmo Hinoke Most Popular
So far Mauresmo Hinoke is promising. The 19-year-old striker is the only Indonesian U-20 player to score in the Toulon Cup.

Meanwhile, South Korea’s U-23 team has been placed in Group A of the Toulon Cup after Saudi Arabia U-23 team went 0-2, Ivory Coast U-20 team went 1-2 and they were defeated by French U together. -20 national teams. Team 0-1.

However, South Korea U-23 could draw 0-0 with Mexico U-23, making them dry in Group A of the Toulon Cup.

Expected Players
South Korea U-23 National Team (4-3-3): Han Jung-sung; Kang Min-jun, Jung Song-woo, Lee Chan-ouk, Kang Dong-hyun; Park Jae-sung, Hong Yong-jun, Kim Jeong-hyeon; Kim Gun-nam, Park Ju-yeong, Jung Seung-bae

Coach: Choi Jae-Young

Indonesia U-20 National Team (4-3-3): Ikram Algiffari; Kadek Arel, Sultan Zaky, Meshaal Hamzah, Mufli Hidayat; Toni Firmansyah, Figo Dennis, Dony Tri Pamungkas; Arlyansyah Abdulmanan, Arkhan Kaka, Mauresmo Hinoke

Instructor: Indra Sjafri

This is great!”The teams of Indonesia and the Philippines made history by defeating South Korea and Iraq in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.” The Indonesian national team has concluded their final match. of the second round of the 2026 FIFA World Cup in the Asian region at Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK), Senayan, Jakarta, seven (06.11.2024).

The Indonesian national team won the match 2-0, with many fans present.

Of course, there is a special atmosphere in the games between the Garuda team in the Philippines.
“This meeting seems to be recorded.” The Indonesian national team announced on Instagram that a record was set in the game. The questionable record is the unique number of spectators who attended the Indonesia-Philippines match.

In the match against the Azkals, 64,942 people were in the stadium to support the Indonesian national team.  Apparently, the number of spectators who came immediately to support the Garuda team is a record in itself. This is because the attendance of 64,942 people is the largest number of spectators in the 108 2026 World Cup qualifiers in the Asian region. The total number of viewers in 108 games is 1,823,164.

However, in all this the Indonesia-Philippines game set a record by becoming the biggest in the 2026 World Cup in the Asian region compared to others. In fact, this match could win against South Korea and Iraq who are known to have great support from their supporters.

They can beat the South Korea-China team from the level of the Indonesian team. 64,935 players and  players were registered at the Seoul World Cup. In this way, it can be said that the Indonesia vs Philippines team is more than seven people compared to the South Korean players.  South Koreans were more than 64,000 moviegoers not only on Thursday (11/06/2024).