EURO 2024 – Humiliating elimination of the Italian national team, the results of thousands of Spalletti polls led to the team’s collapse

The fake elimination of the Italian national team from Euro 2024 is said to be the result of thousands of surveys by Luciano Spalletti. caused the team to disband.

This is from former Juventus and AC Milan manager Fabio Capello.

Fabio Capello realized that there was nothing good in the Italian national team led by Luciano Spalletti.

Tactical and technical changes in the Italian national team at Euro 2024 also contributed to the team’s failure.

As it is known, Gli Azzurri was eliminated from the last 16 of Euro 2024.
The last champion, Italy, lost 0-2 to Switzerland in the match played at WIB Berlin Olympiastadion on Saturday evening, 29/6/2024.

Gianluigi Donnarumma and others do not allow more than 52% possession of the ball toys.

Switzerland managed to seize this opportunity with goals from Remo Freuler and Ruben Vargas.

For Italy, the inability to defend its crown contributes to the poor run of the European leaders.

No one has been able to break the curse of the champions since 2016.

On the other hand, Italy’s defeat set Luciano Spalletti’s reputation on fire. The former AS Roma and Napoli coach had previously announced that he was ready to lead his team to the defense of the league crown.

What is the strength of the Italian struggle, which only reached the eighth final?

Capello explained in his review that Spalletti’s case appeared so confusing that it had been repeated thousands of times.

The 78-year-old player criticized the selection of players who brought their young children to the world coach in Germany.

“Are you sure this national team is okay?”

If this team is fast and they face a fast team, they will be in trouble.

“The game has changed a thousand times. Spalletti has changed the game a thousand times.”

“Today Fagioli was standing in front of the four guards standing there as if he were fishing in a barrel.”

“But the most important thing was that every time we went forward we were on the other side and no one saw it.
There were numerous tactical errors.

“I witnessed the national team’s collapse.”

“There was no way we could try to pass through the middle of the team that defended with five men and could not open the game in the second half.”

“So the players failed to identify it and couldn’t execute, resorting to passes from 7-8 meters.”

he continued. “I observe a lot of confusion,”

Many people also find Spalletti’s choice of actors unreasonable. Names such as Nicolo Fagioli, Bryan Cristante, Giovanni Di Lorenzo and Michael Folorunsho were also brought to Germany.

Spalletti dared to leave behind names considered complete, such as Manuel Locatelli, Ciro Immobile and Matteo Politano.

In addition, the Italian national team stood out with the format it used in Euro 2024. He implemented 3 different plans in four matches.

Italy used 4-3-3 against Switzerland.

By the way, the 4-2-3-1 formation was used twice in the matches against Albania and Spain.

Later, in the 1-1 draw with Croatia, three defenders took part in a 3-5-2 formation. 9 important moments from the Italian national team’s defeat at Euro 2024.

Gli Azzurri could not defend its title by defeating the Swiss national team 0-2 on Saturday (29/6/2024).

Various excuses offered by Luciano Spalletti for Italy’s aims.

However, the choice of coach and poor line performance are two criticisms of Pizza Country that have been widely discussed in the local media.

The foremost row stands out the most.

How is it not possible? , None of Spalletti’s strikers have scored at Germany 2024.

Long story short, Italy scored just three goals from the start of the group to reaching the last eight.

Each match was against Albania (2-1), Spain (0-1), Croatia (1-1) and Switzerland (0-2).

The Inter Milan duo of defender Alessandro Bastoni and midfielder Nicolo Barella scored the only win, past Albania’s goal.

The rest were defeated by winger Mattia Zaccagni, who also doubled as an attacking midfielder.

Spalletti attacked the likes of Gianluca Scamacca, Mateo Retegui and Giacomo Raspadori and they disappeared.

They failed to score a goal.

The same goes for his supporters such as Federico Chiesa and Stephan El Shaarawy.

It’s even more ridiculous when you look at the statistics about the rates they offer. In total, Italian national team players had 10 shots on target.

In all these situations, Bastoni is often the one attacking the opponent’s goal. Good There are 2 correct chances in 3 attempts in Serie A 2023-2024. Number two, Scamacca and Retegui failed to reach the target.

Both only tried on goal.

The rest of the Italian attackers don’t shoot well.

The lack of productive strikers has been a big problem for the Italian national team for years.

None of the 6 players that Spalletti brought to Germany could score double-digit points in the national team.

Barella is the Azzurri team’s most productive player, scoring 10 goals in 57 matches.

Never consider replacing top strikers like Christian Vieri or Filippo Inzaghi, they can’t even replace Mario Balotelli or Ciro Immobile.

Italian journalist Luca Calamai said, “If the best attackers of today and tomorrow are Scamacca and Retegui, we are lost.”

“Scamacca played well against Gasperini (Atalanta). Retegui is a small company internally. According to the Tuttomercato web page, ” ” said: Officially retaining Luciano Spalletti as coach despite the cancellation of Euro 2024.

The Italian national team held an emergency press conference after being eliminated from the tournament. last 16 Euro 2024.

29.6.2024 On Saturday, Luciano Spalletti’s Gli Azzurri lost 0-2 to Switzerland in the match played at Olympiastadion Berlin, Italy also could not defend its championship with Roberto Mancini in the past. three years.