Copa America 2024 – Messi still in charge, Argentina continues to warn rivals

The Argentina national team continues to warn rivals despite Lionel Messi no longer having to worry about the megastar’s status.

Lionel Messi did not play in the match between the Argentina national team and the Peru national team on the third day of Copa America 2024 Saturday (29/6/2024).

The player named La Pulga had a thigh problem since the first day of his second match with the national team.

The Argentine national team hoped that the captain’s health would improve, but the recovery process was slow.

Messi stayed on the bench for the entire match against the Peruvian national team.

Argentina struggled to penetrate the opponent’s defense in the first half.

In the end, Lautaro Martinez came out with the courage of the two goals. Argentina successfully reached the quarter-finals of Copa America 2024. According to ESPN’s, Samuel said: “Messi is in the dressing room but we see that he is recovering.”Samuel added: “It’s too early to talk about it, but we follow Messi every day.”

Lautaro Martinez hugging him after scoring the first goal gave another boost Rutahizamu understands Messi’s role in Argentina’s campaign Members of the Argentine team are now worried that their main player will be suspended. However, Team Tango’s fight must continue without Messi, Lionel Scaloni has managed to match his boys’ success so far.

Argentina finished the group stage with three wins and no defeats. The fight will intensify after Argentina reached the quarter-finals.

They are also aiming to defend their championship title at the 2024 Copa America. If this goal is to be achieved, the consolidation of the group must continue until the knockout.

Copa America 2024 results – Without Messi and missing a penalty, Lautaro Martinez saved Argentina’s face again

Copa America 2024 results show that Lautaro Martinez saved the face of the Argentina national team, who played without Lionel Messi and failed to convert a penalty.

The Argentina national team defeated the Peru national team 2-0 on the third day of Copa America 2024 at the Hard Rock Stadium on Saturday (29/6/2024). Lautaro Martinez responded to the player, who had difficulty scoring goals in the first half, in the 47th minute.

The Argentina national team had a golden opportunity to double the score in the 72nd minute. However, Leandro Paredes’ penalty still hits the defense of the Peru national team.

Lautaro Martinez added a goal for Team Tango after exploiting a defensive lapse against them in the 86th minute. With this record, the Inter Milan forward managed to score in every match in the 2024 Copa America group stage.


Tip The Argentina national team has a bad habit in the first two matches of the 2024 Copa America.

The Argentina national team scored all their goals in the 2024 Copa America during the second half.

Argentina has a big problem against the Peruvian national team.

Lionel Messi’s health problems in the first match excluded the captain from the squad.

Lionel Messi has a thigh problem and can only sit on the bench.

Alejandro Garnacho, who was appointed to replace the captain, failed to keep the team’s game fluid. As a result, Argentina’s chances in the first half were still limited.

Angel di Maria, considered one of the best players, finally scored a try to break the deadlock in the 41st minute.

However, Di Maria’s goal from outside the penalty area was not good.

The ball hits the grass and moves slowly until Pedro Gallese catches it smoothly.

Argentina’s job is quite difficult as Lionel Scaloni cannot be found to accompany the team in this match.

A suspension was imposed for entering the field late.

Argentina must follow Walter Samuel’s instructions on the sidelines for this match.

The Argentine national team, which ended goalless in the first half, repeated this habit in the next two matches. Only two minutes had passed since the second half when Argentina entered Peru’s goal.

The odd number is the same as in the previous two games, namely Lautaro Martinez.

Lautaro Martinez started his attack from the middle of the field.

Angel di Maria caught the ball as the striker ran around the Peru goal.

Di Maria sees Martinez’s movement, Di Maria sends a straight pass to his teammate.

Martinez, who has not yet been identified, then fired at the Wales defence.

He celebrated the goal and dashed to the sideline to embrace Lionel Messi.

Eight minutes later Leandro Paredes fired the ball past the Wales defense from a corner.

However, the goal was not justified because Giovanni Lo Celso deliberately prevented Gallese from performing his goalkeeping duties.

Peru realized that their opponents were only one goal ahead and tried to catch up with them.

Carlos Zambrano managed to get a shot in the 68th minute, but Emiliano Martinez made a great save.

Two minutes later Peru had another chance.

You see Jesus Castillo raise his hands after playing with Enzo Fernandez.

The referee then pointed to the spot where there was a strong protest from the Peruvian players.

Argentina eventually earned a penalty, and Leandro Paredes stepped up to take the critical shot.

Leandro Paredes could not do his job properly after the ball was hit.

The Argentinian player saw the ball thrown but still could not turn the ball into the goal.

After many opportunities, the Argentine national team finally scored again in the 86th minute.

Lautaro Martinez capitalizes on the mistakes of Peru’s defensive line.

He grabbed the ball and won the duel with the fallen Aldo Corzo.

Martinez looked for a good corner in the penalty area before shooting to beat the Welshman.

This result allowed Argentina to win all three group stage matches.

Argentina 2-0 Peru (Lautaro Martinez 47 ’86’)