Europe 2024 – Due to the exceptional encounter, Ronaldo will still carry the burden of thought in Portugal

Portugal’s national team megastar, Cristiano Ronaldo, continues to be charged with contributing to Euro 2024 due to his unique experience.

The Portuguese national team still considers Cristiano Ronaldo as an important player despite his aging.

“Europe 2024 – Due to the exceptional encounter, Ronaldo will still carry the burden of thought in Portugal”

Cristiano Ronaldo will participate in Euro 2024 with the Portuguese national team at the age of 39.

This year’s European Championship will be the fifth edition undertaken by the superstar throughout his career.

Ronaldo continues to show that his football skills have not diminished despite surpassing his prime age.

The player nicknamed CR7 managed to score 44 goals in all competitions with Al Nassr.

Indeed, he failed to bring a title to Al Nassr in the 2023-2024 season.

However, Ronaldo still managed to be a solution when his team needed victories.

Several young attackers are emerging in the current squad of the Portuguese national team.

Portugal’s coach, Roberto Martinez, continues to find ways to ensure Ronaldo remains indispensable.

“Ronaldo has a unique record, and experience is very important in football,” Martinez said as quoted by from ESPN.

The coach added, “He is ready to help the Portuguese nation with all his might.

The Portuguese national team is aiming for the Euro title again after winning it eight years ago.

Martinez has valuable assets not only in the form of a competent squad.

The Selecao das Quinas have too been great since the qualifiers.

The perfect record of the Portuguese national team during the Euro 2024 qualification rounds is certainly a good sign.

Martinez sees his team as one of the championship contenders.

His tactics will have a significant impact on Portugal’s progress in the tournament in Germany.

Ronaldo is expected to play an important role in the dressing room.

The competition will be tough compared to the situation of other teams.

Martinez cannot rely too much on Ronaldo, but the finishing ability of the striker can inspire his team.

For the Portuguese National Team, Cristiano Ronaldo is Ready to Play an Unusual Role in EURO 2024

Portugal’s national team coach, Roberto Martinez, stated that Cristiano Ronaldo is ready to play any role in Euro 2024 for his team.

Roberto Martinez included Cristiano Ronaldo’s name in the 26-player list for Portugal’s Euro 2024 squad.

CR7 is one of the seven forwards brought by Portugal.

Martinez’s decision raised some questions.

Although he has been a mainstay of Selecao das Quinas for years, it cannot be denied that Ronaldo is now elderly.

He is now 39 years old, an age no longer ideal for a professional footballer.

Ronaldo has also been out of the orbit of European football competition since early 2023.

This casts doubt on his capacity as Portugal’s main player.

Roberto Martinez recently faced questions about whether he brought Ronaldo just to serve as backup for young Portuguese strikers like Goncalo Ramos, Joao Felix, and Rafael Leao.

Martinez then answered that the former Real Madrid striker is ready to play any role in Euro 2024 for the team.

“Ronaldo has shown very consistent performances; there is no doubt that he is an incredible goal scorer,” Martinez said as quoted by

“This is his sixth win in Europe, it’s like he’s won five times.”

“It’s something they don’t use in the world of football.”

“We are making a union of 26 players, we are making a choice that Ronaldo is arranged to do everything for us.”
“No other player in the world of football can give what Ronaldo can give us,” added the former Belgium national team coach.

This season, Ronaldo has once again shown sharpness with Al Nassr.

He scored 44 objectives in 45 recreations in the competition.

Such fierce performance serves as Ronaldo’s leverage to enter his sixth Euro tournament in his career history.

Ronaldo’s best achievement in the major tournament was leading Portugal to victory in the 2016 edition.

Portugal became the champion after defeating host France 1-0 in the final.

Portugal’s winning goal was scored by substitute player Eder in the 109th minute.

Portugal became the European champions for the first time at that moment.

Cristiano Ronaldo is Truly a Special Player, Even the Coach of the Portuguese National Team is Amazed

Cristiano Ronaldo is a special player for the coach of the Portuguese national team, Roberto Martinez, so much so that he is amazed by him.

The name Cristiano Ronaldo was also included in the Portuguese national team for the final round of Euro 2024.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s inclusion in the 26 invited players by Roberto Martinez did raise questions.

After all, the megastar is almost 39 years old.

With his age almost touching forty, Ronaldo’s ability to perform at his best when playing for the Portuguese national team in Euro 2024 is doubted.

However, the skeptical views from some quarters were elegantly silenced by Ronaldo.

This was demonstrated by his ability to score goals in the 2023-2024 season.

CR7 finished this season as the top scorer in the Saudi Arabian league with 35 goals in 31 games.

Before that, he also had a significant contribution to Selecao das Quinas’ automatic qualification for Germany.

In the Euro 2024 Qualifying rounds, Ronaldo managed to score 10 goals in 9 matches played with the Portuguese national team.

It’s no wonder Roberto Martinez called the megastar again to participate in Euro 2024.

Martinez himself feels that Ronaldo is a special figure compared to any other player.

He believes Ronaldo is different because of his “hunger” which remains very high.

“Now I understand what makes him so different from others, it’s because he has hunger,” Martinez said, as quoted by

“I feel that a player retires in his head and head will stop when he feels that something is not going well.”

“It’s not his body that won’t hold up, but his head that makes the decisions,” added the former Belgium coach.