2024 ASEAN U-16 Cup – the Philippines coach released two key players from the Indonesia U-16 team

Philippines national team in 2024 competing against Indonesia on the second day of match Group A. ASEAN U-16 Cup

Indonesia will be held at Manahan Stadium, Solo on Monday (24/06/2024).

In the previous match, Indonesia beat Singapore 3-0 comfortably. Yuki Matsuda agreed to participate in the match with Indonesia. Indonesia’s status as defending champions is a cause for concern in the Philippines.

2024 ASEAN U-16 Cup – the Philippines coach released two key players from the Indonesia U-16 team , ahead of the 2024 U-16 ASEAN Cup

According to Yuki, there are two Indonesian players to watch out for.

“He plays as a 9th player. There is also a player as a left back who can help the attack,” Yuki said when he met with reporters in training . “I like how it is. “Especially the forwards, who run well and can threaten our defense,” question number nine Muhammad Mierza Firjatullah AFF U Cup added. Indonesia U-16 coach Nova Arianto calls a 4-4-2 or 3-4-3 formation, giving Baker a place on the left.

Yuki Matsuda commented that Baker’s actions broke the opponent’s defense many times.

“This player can provide Indonesia with many opportunities,” Yuki said.

“Yes the 9th, the player who plays as a left back, if you look at the last game in Singapore, they were very good,” concluded Yuki Matsuda.

This is Nova Arianto’s new mission to prevent resistance in the Philippines. Also, hosts Indonesia are favorites to win their match against Azkal Junior.

In addition, the Indonesian U-16 national team carries the burden of defending the title.

Two years ago, Indonesia managed to win this tournament, which was formerly known as the AFF U-16 Cup.

The match between Indonesia and the Philippines will be broadcast on Indosiar from 19.30 WIB. If we win this match, Indonesia’s chances to reach the semi-finals are wide open.

The red and white army continues to face Laos in the final match on Thursday (27.06.2024). Indonesia vs Philippines Expected:  Indonesia U-16 National Team: 22-M Ichsan; 4-Putu Panji, 5-Baker, 14-Fabio, 19-Raihan; 6-Evandra, 8-Nasriel, 12-Daniel; 7-Gholy, 9-Mierza, 10-Alberto

ASEAN Cup U-16 2024 Results – With a penalty and 1 player sent off, Thailand-Australia is as strong as

The Thailand-Australia match in Group C of the ASEAN Cup U-16 2024 ended in a 0-0 draw on Sunday, June 23, 2024, at Sriwedari Stadium in Solo, Central Java.

The game is tough. Just three minutes later, Australia fouled Thailand’s penalty area after taking a corner.

Fortunately, Jayden Peter Necovski’s header was blocked by Thai defender Phuriphan Phothong.

In the tenth quarter, Thailand had time to threaten Australia.

Chaiwat Ngoenma scored this time against Australian goalkeeper Jai Ajanovic.

In the 36th minute, Thailand had a dead ball opportunity which was killed by Poramet Laoongdi

However, Poramet Laoongdi’s shot went wide of the Australian cross.

The first half ended without any goals.

Thailand quickly attacked Natthakit Phosri in the 52nd minute when he tapped in a pass that was missed by his teammate.

Avoiding the attention of the opponent, Natthakit Phosri did not deceive Jai Ajanovics, his shots could still be counted.

In the 58th minute, Australia got a penalty after Nickolas Gustavo Alfaro hit Chatchawat Sahanunchaichid in the hand.

Executioner Jordan Graoroski didn’t do his job well, Supakom Poonphol predicted it from the right.

In the 90+1 minutes, Thailand will play with 10 players when Dauphon Buppa receives a second yellow card.

The final result of the Thailand-Australia match was 0-0 until the final whistle.

Thailand 0-0 Australia.

Thailand vs Australia First row: , Thailand: 1-Supakom Poonphol; 3-Phuriphan Phothong, 4-Phurinat Poolkamlang, 6-Danuphon Buppa, 7-Natthakit Phosri, 10-Chaiwat Ngoenma, 11-Poramet Laoongdi, 12-Sorakrit Kaewsri, 17-Siwakorn-Pontchnakorn.

Reserve: 20-Narukit Sangsaawang, 23-Pongsapat Sukkapem, 2-pontsat Pakkapoom, oo ah 2-panit somapundin, oo ah 16-kittathop chepfankhung, oo 8-karant ka PSSIIR, oo ahINSUIRA1,5-Karant oo. Kinpin, oo 15 katé ah, -Phanuphong Wan-on, 18-Phanupong Popsayai, 21-Kongthaweep Makkathok.

Coach: Jadet Meelarp.

Ausztrália: 1-Jai Ajanovic; 4-Jayden Peter Necovski, 5-Christian David Pullella, 6-Alexander Jesse Bolton, 9-Jordan Graoroski, 10-Nickolas Gustavo Alfaro, 11-Amlani Tatu, 13-Besian Kutleshi, 14-Alexander Lech Garbowowski, 22 Quinn Macnicol.

Reserve: 12-Jonty Albert Benfield, 18-Noah Jamie Ellul, 2-Malual Kuir, 3-Charlie Benjamin Parkin, 7-Noah Ivan Slunjski, 8-Haine Anthony Eames, 15-Marco Alberto Santangelo, Houridis 16-7 – Alexander Houridis, 19-Jay Noah Maltz, 21-Rhys Wilson Williams, 23-Jethro Jabez Bolongi.

Coach: Bradley John Maloney.

ASEAN Cup U-16 2024 – Nova Arianto talks about the results of Indonesia U-16 National Team 2

Indonesia U-16 national team coach Nova Arianto talks about two things his team needs to improve.  Indonesia started a strong campaign in the 2024 ASEAN U-16 Cup by defeating Singapore. Capital’s 3-0 win was enough to give players confidence.

However, there are a few areas where this game needs improvement.

One of them ends up in front of the goal, the other causes problems for a country.

Nova Arianto also knows this problem. Apart from the inability to take advantage of opportunities, Indonesia’s game is still inactive.

They failed repeatedly to increase the time and build up the attack.

“The first thing is really the most convenient problem.”

The vice coach of the Indonesian national team believes that his players are not making the right decisions.

They still need time to move the ball.

This question relates to the coaching staff during the team’s training sessions.

“Football players will work best when they are running and passing.”

“He added that this is something the players still lack.”

Nova believes that the player has great power.

Also, this is their first competition after forming a team.

He is optimistic that his team can continue to improve over time.

“Don’t expect players to improve.”

“For a better future,” he concluded.